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November 10, 2010


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Hang in there, tj. Life will get better. If a band puts a You Tube video online, can you see that? They hold the copyright, so it isn't like there would be infringement. Have you ever heard of Netflix? I don't know if you could use it in Germany, but it is a service that lets you stream movies and some tv shows to your computer. Also, a lot of channels here are now streaming some of their shows free on their websites. For instance, the Lifetime Network has episodes of one of my favorite shows called "Project Runway" online. That could give you some US tv to watch.

A few years back the US extended copyrights on a lot of stuff for a ridiculous length of time. I don't know if you can access this little podcast: http://www.lenswork.com/podcast/LW0647%20-%20Maugham%20and%20Copyright%20Law.mp3
but if you can, he has some interesting things to say about how the copyright laws have ended up resulting in material being hidden from the public instead of enjoyed by the broader public which is what most artists aspire to.

Sorry about your camera. Maybe it will be a simple fix and you will have it back in good working order.

Love your sketch!


Oh no! I hope the rights issues gets figured out because I also love to watch Youtube vids and definitely "need" the internet to connect to things in English and such...I love Italy, but sometimes you want something else! I definitely understand when things just go all crazy and wrong...but it'll pass... the crazy rocky road of life! All my best to you and you family!


I'm praying right now for Germany to come to its senses and stop this ridiculous rule on YouTube. In the mean time I can offer to dig out some of the links to free services online that allow you to watch decent stuff, BBC has a brilliant online service to view pretty much all the programs they show on telly, but there's loads of other stuff available, I'll go and dig around and send you some links. Sending lots of hugs.


Hugs Sweets! A little sleep will do wonders for all. Hoping that is soon for you & Lars.


Oh, hope your German hybrid gets better soon so you can get some sleep, you sure look awefully tired in the iphone doodle! :-)

Take care of you!

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