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November 18, 2010


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Love it! It looks like he's gazing up at you, wagging his tail and begging for the hamburger you're eating:) I can't do anything creative even with music in the background. Classical works, because then I'm not distracted by lyrics.


Thnx Sarah, Hmm maybe I will have to upload some good classics or jazz. Non-lyrics affirmative! Thanks for this comment -- it was #800 left here at Studio Mailbox!! **Put your hands up!!**


If you enjoyed that exercise, you would love her book. I bought it after that and it is really fun. I can't listen to "talk" and draw or write. I listen to classical (mostly baroque). Have you heard of Pandora? It is like online music radio where you can choose the genre or artists you like and it will play stuff by them plus stuff that is similar.

Julie Stenning

Have you ever read "Drawing from the right side of the brain" by Betty Edwards? It is my bible, although I don't follow it as much as I should. Your brain has two modes, left mode - which is analytical, verbal, numerical etc. and right mode which is much more creative. When you draw, you need to engage your right mode as much as possible which means turning any left mode stuff off. That means, no talking when you are drawing. Music is fine, talking is not. I'm going to be blogging about it soon because I did an exercise with people when I went to Spain last week. I haven't got to Spain yet in my blog though!

Julie Stenning

And I love the dog.


What a cute doggie!!!!
Lovely as ever, sweet friend...


don't feel bad... those who think they can multitask are deluding themselves?


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