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November 22, 2010


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We would never leave you, and now that you've announced a re-org of the blog we're going to be peeping in to see what changes you make, at least I'm far too nosy to run away now, got to see what happens.
I've been thinking about doing the same thing on my blog recently but decided to wait until New Year, I guess that's just to help me put things off for a while :D


Cant wait to see the reorg, I like your blog and what you have to ssy. i to have been thinking about doing something different on my blog, must be the weather. Thanks for the nice words on my blog.


Love the new look!
Maybe yellow as a background/border color instead of the brown you mentioned?
Or outline your title in yellow and border with red...?
Just thinking...do it like you want it, girl!
Love & Laughter,

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