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November 29, 2010


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michelle ward

TJ - wow! That is so cool. Love hearing the background about the piece, and that it went up on a wall! Very fun piece. Thanks for sharing with the team!


That's fantastic! Good validation for you. This piece has a very 3-dimensional effect that I like.


Oh, this looks really, really good, I love it, I want to see more of your work framed and up on the wall! :)
I've been really bad with my drawings, still haven't got round to framing any at all but when I see how great your work looks it might just give me a kick up my backside and make me go out to shop for some frames.

Jenny Lee Wentworth

This is really cool TJ! Lucky guy to get a tj original! Thanks for signing up for my little giveaway, I'll put your name in twice!
I'm thankful for your friendship. :)


TJ, I am NEAR TEARS! I am so happy for you my friend-keep moving to the outer limits of fear dear one...

Cindi Picou

I'm glad that he liked his birthday gift - and that you weren't afraid to make it for him! That is very cool, and very confident. Fabulous!!!


Bravo! Great that you gave such a wonderfully personal gift & in a frame.
Love the results.


Love it!


Thats fantastic TJ, well done!! And those colour bars fit in perfectly.


Great piece, love the stitching by the way and the colors are so cool.

Rosemary Griffin

That is one fabulous piece.

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