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November 11, 2010


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Oh dear. I can't view this from my own blog. Germany, you're making me crabby! I hope the rest of you can see it...


I saw it and it's awesome! Besides being highly entertained by your dance moves, the cupboard turned out AMAZING.


I can see it here in the US and it is very entertaining and funny! If you are having trouble, try right-clicking on the video and you should see a menu come up that gives you the option to "watch on You tube". Sometimes I have to do that with embedded videos. I don't know if it's an Apple issue or what.

Kelly Thiel

OMG that thing looks fantastic!! Looks like you had fun doing the work too :) And your outfit?? You should see my studio clothes... You look just fine! Well done!


I love the dance moves, it's the best part of the video! :) Oh, it's so tempting to make one of these, I might have to consider it :)


Dear TJ, i LOVE this video...it's awesome! Your cupboard looks beautiful and such a wonderful job well done! And im also loving those gorgeous handles. :) Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Julie Stenning

Great cupboard - worth all the hard work.


LOL! Love the video! Makes me want to attack some painting jobs here around the house too.
And you are right: some music makes some jobs much easier. And the dancing..... :-)


i love it! the refinishing and the dancing and the movie making! you rock!!


Bummer... I can't see it either. Was looking forward to find out what happened with the cupboard. Do you have pictures? *beg*

I bet it looks awesome...

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