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November 24, 2010


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Oh, I like this and your about page is the best one I've seen so far, that giant pretzel and that shirt, well, it's had an impact on me I can tell you :) I like what you've done so far, I really do, thumbs up from me for all the changes.


I like the revamp a LOT! The brown looks good with your banner art and your about page is great! Also, having the "popular" posts get their own area is helpful if someone is just finding you and want to get a little glimpse into your world.

Sues Scott

Love the new blog setup! Not a fan of brown as I'm a blue, green girl, but it goes well w/your art piece in front of it. Keep up the good work, I'm inspired to update my woeful blog.

Kelly Thiel

I got no poo during loading. It all loaded at the same time. And I like the background image on the ABOUT page. :) I think it all looks great and you are kicking booty! Good job!


Thanks so much for all the lovely feedback ladies... it means a lot! It feels good to have it freshened up around here, I had really sort of let it go. It's funny how when you always look at something you actually stop "seeing" it.

Sonya McCllough

page load is most important and this one loads like a champ! I have a few videos on mine which drag down the load so no background.
Congrats 2 ya! Job well done.

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