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October 22, 2010


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They still make those! Just saw one at the toy store here in Norway - almost bought it for a birthday present, but was skeptical that it was too difficult for a six year old. One of my daughters comes home with these knitted tubes all the time from school, I think she knows how to use it.


I can knit, I like knitting, it's relaxing etc but I've tried using this damn thing only once and miserably failed to understand how to use it, got stressed about it and never tried again :)

Jenny Lee Wentworth

Ya, I wouldn't have a clue what to do with that little doll. She's really cute though! Hope you find someone to help you. Have a great weekend TJ!


I think I need to get one of these! This could be a very cool addition to my crocheting.


In Hamburg we call it "Strickliesel".
I just found some in my school in an old box, but have to admit I myself had to look for the instructions. Hopefully I will find my own from decades ago eventually.

For sure nowadays the 5 year old children are normally not able to work on a Strickliesel. Even a lot of my 6th graders can't tie a decent knot :-(.

Happy stricklieseln!
Grüße aus Hamburg


That's adorable, but I think it is more complicated than learning to actually knit! My niece has one of those and she knows how to use it.


Crazy hey? Tally, send me your address and I'll send you a copy of my instructions with a little mail art love...!!


Oh how cute it is! The box is as awesome as the stricki itself. what a find!


Yeah, Strickliesel is what we call them near Frankfurt, too. My son had to make rope for an art project in school in 3rd grade with the thing. Only homework I ever went and gave him a hand with.
I don't know how to start it either though. I think the teacher started them for the kids, once it's set up it's easy enough though. Try finding a video on youtube. I think in english they're called knitting tubes or i-cord makers.


O this reminds me of my childhood, I made some with different colors and my mother sewed the cord in a round form. It is called 'punniken' in dutch.

Maz in Australia

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... cheers, Maz in Australia

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