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October 06, 2010


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It looks like you would really have to enjoy crowds to appreciate Oktoberfest. Or maybe just beer to help you not mind the crowds!


Oh my goodness, those are some huge pretzels! :P That looks like a lot of fun, but as Anne said, crowded!

Are the pretzels they have soft like the big ones we have here in the states? Or crunchy??


Awesome post - awesome photos! So much pretzel fun!

Lay Hoon

Seems so much fun in this festival.
Great ppl, great food & great weather.


Thanks for the comments ladies, I worked so hard on these photo collages... it means a lot that you came to look and enjoyed them! Ash, the pretzels here are more like bread... they are salty/crunchy on the outside and nice and soft inside. I guiltily admit I sopped up chicken grease with mine while I devoured a half-a-roasted bird! Yikes...but mmmmmmm. An old man at a nearby table gave me the hand signal for "slow down" while I was eating! I didn't know how to say, "My blood sugar is dropping and I need to feed the machine...!" I just wildly shook my head and stuffed myself with glee.

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