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October 08, 2010


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It's funny you did a piece about this because I just went through my Google Reader and deleted about 80% of the subscriptions. It was taking too much time. Of course, I did NOT delete yours because I love seeing what you create!

I do not understand how people have time to do a blog, twitter, facebook, etc. and STILL create things. Have you had lots of long lost friends track you down from Facebook?


Anne thanks for this comment, as you are my google reader mentor, the one who got me subscribing away...! Thanks for hanging with me. I love you and your blog. I think the key is "weeding our gardens" and really remaining loyal to the blogs that are meaningful to us. Otherwise we're just spread way too thin. Facebook is funny, I haven't been inundated with my past because I created a fan page and I used an alias when I created the profile that has to manage that page. I'm still in overwhelm tho' it's just so much...!


I now have a 'rule' about how much time and when I can spend on the computer and force myself to stick to it, it seems to be the only way to get some control over this. I've also reduced my reading list to blogs I really really like and yours is one of them :)


Hi, thx for visiting my blog! I know what you mean about social networking being a bit overwhelming. Its important to set time limits and have a break if it gets too much. I love your journal page! Wini


Oh, I feel you on that! The computer can suck you in....ugh.

THanks for your kind and sweet support, seriously. It means a LOT to me :(

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