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September 13, 2010


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Oh, thanks for sharing the photos TJ. I love going on a treasure hunt, and to wee what people come home with and what they leave behind for others to find! The type drawer is amazing, and so is the house shelf. I hope you will show pictures of them in use soon!


wow what a stash, I am so jealous


Wow, those photos look like a fun time...I love running around open air markets and finding goodies! It is sad that many older items seem to be trash these days, even though they are so precious and beautiful. I have found a lot of things in the attic from my mother-in-law and grandma-in-law. I hope to use them well and not let them go to waste!


taking a moment to peek in on your doings now that you have returned from your summer vacation...what great finds! I love flea markets but haven't been to a really good one for ages, but its nice to get a vicarious thrill from your treasures =-)

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