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September 27, 2010


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Beautiful pieces!


I did this the other day and it was so much fun to do, but my final 'masterpiece' doesn't look as good as yours so I might just keep it to myself :)


Great those 'Ward Boards' .Like your text pages as well, You pasted them on a scraped background I think. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Ooo, like how you call then Ward Boards...hehe! Great scraping, I love the multiple layers that you can see through, need to try that myself!


It ain't bad being the Last Crusader! I always know you've done your page when You come visit mine and make a comment! Love the scalloped borders and that you took the time to both the two latest crusades. Yay you TJ!


That looks like fun and a better use for credit cards than shopping! I like the one on the bottom because the colors are so beautiful and I like the feeling of the negative space in it.


You have crated some wonderful pages/boards, TJ. I love the colours in the bottom one.

Lay Hoon

These pages are beautiful.
Like the scalloped edge.


I love how you incorporated the masks. Great colors too!

Kelly Thiel

That looks like a load of fun!! I'll have to try that someday. Your paintings look awesome - I like that last one especially!! :)

Jenny Lee Wentworth

Love all the color TJ! I'm gonna try this!
Have a great week!


Love your Ward Boards! Great colors especially the one with Studio Mailbox on it.

michelle ward

Ha! Ward Boards :) LOVE THAT! Bravo for getting #43 AND #44 done!! Way cool pieces TJ. Tha scallop edge is super cool. Love the words....love the colors....love the shapes. LOVE that you DID IT! AND....you weren't that last one ;) THanks for sharing. When is your MN trip? Or did I miss reading about it? *runs to check the rest of your blog*


Hallo Tj! Vielen Dank für die schöne Grußen! Ihrem Blatte sind sehr hübsch.



these are really beautiful. What a great idea!

Rosemary Griffin

I just put up my pages today, I like the boards that you used and the patterns that you created.

Jessica Walthall

Your pages are so cool! Thanks for sharing!


Really like top right in particular - great work!

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