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September 10, 2010


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Do you have TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) in Germany? It is really good to use to wash down something like this to get rid of any grease prior to painting. It helps prep the surface for the paint to adhere. It's a great piece!


Holy cow... it's a beauty!! I'd see that potential underneath a kilo of grease... Love the little "schütten" inside.

I got rid of the 300-schnitzel-per-year grease with a ton of scrubbing milk and (I dare to say) cheap vodka. It's a good remedy for nasty smells inside, too.

I would definitely go with the white wash too... because I couldn't bring myself to cover up the lovely wood grain. I bet it'll look awesome. My cupboard was unfortunately already covered in opaque paint (mixed with a million smoked cigarettes). So I remember the sanding my heart out-part (and the resulting sore arms from hell). Are you planning on leaving the insides as they are or paint them as well? (If yes, beware of the paint stinking up your dishes, I'm still fighting it).

Go for it... can't wait to see it done. More in my mail... instead of more rambling here... :)


Awesome find. Good luck with the refinish. Please post more photos as this project progresses.

Nancy Hill

Well, well...where is the finished cupboard? Can't wait to see it - it looks like a gorgeous piece and will undoubtedly be spectacular when finished! Lurking and stepping up now...

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