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September 22, 2010


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What a nice thing to come back to - congratulations! And what a good tribute to your friend, Kelli. She would be happy for you.


what great pictures, and what a good friend, and congratulations on the picture


Congratulations on being published and paying tribute to your friend all in one great swoop of coolness my friend!

Take care!


Well done you, I love the image and the story behind it, what a nice tribute to your friend.

Kelly Thiel

congrats on the publication! and my little heart got so full when you described your friend. I could just feel the love you still have for her. I love the idea of the friendship pins.

Carrie Schmitt

congrats on your INCREDIBLE news. this would be a dream for me. i love reading that it actually happens to people---keeps me hoping. i read a few of your past blog posts too to get a better feel for your blog, and i must say i am super-impressed! and i love your humor!!! thanks for your kind comment on your blog. i'm going to follow yours now and will visit often. and yes, i definitely think friendship pins should make a comeback! i have to learn more about your mail art stuff and how it works...back to reading about it now:)

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