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July 12, 2010


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Lori Diane

a drawing class in Venice sounds like heaven! Not so great about the tooth pain! Great blog!


Awesome transition!


You're a brave soul, TJ!
For a couple of reasons:
Letting a foreign dentist office pull your wisdom teeth.
Speaking multiple foreign languages amongst...well, multiple foreigners. :-)
But most of all...
For trying to combine lettering and watercolors. Usually, you don't see the two together, my friend. That's why you don't like them. You're a letterer and watercolors don't like letterers. :-)
Problem solved.
If you were a landscape artist, you'd enjoy watercolors. So, don't sweat it. Use some nice markers or designer's gouache and tell those pesky watercolors to visit DJ. I'll give 'em a "good talking to" for you.
Hugs ~

Kelly Thiel

Your poor face! I hope you gave that shovel a good beating too....
I love your market drawing!


That was fascinating to see the before and after. What a difference! Can I send my sketchbook to you and have you add all the finishing work to it that makes what you do look so good? :)


You guys are so funny! I'm so glad DJ figured this out... I'm a "letterer" and didn't even know it. THANK HEAVENS this is solved...!!


Well, my experimentation with using watercolors ended pretty quickly after I realized that I just love using inks and pencils most, and each time I did use watercolor I would think "Hm, that would look so much better with just ink and pencil!" Hopeless. I will keep trying to have a go at it but it's not looking too promising so far :)

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