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July 23, 2010


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Hi! Fellow flyer.. have you read The War of Art? Your success is in sitting down and doing the work, getting it out there...not in the results thereof. Go you!

1st. lady of kleinochsenfurt

Hey Tari! Lass den Kopf nicht hängen! Du bist supergut und irgendwann wird die Welt das auch wissen. Sei stark und kämpfe weiter! Tschakaaaaa!
The year is 2010 A.C. The World is entirely occupied by philistines. Well, not entirely... One small village (Kleinochsenfurt) still holds out...
Wie wäre es mit einem Wein heute oder morgen abend?


~ Eat some Ben & Jerry's, have a good long pity party, take a nap if you have to, pick yourself up, pull up your big girl panties, and go make something happen.
~ Time to re-read "Art & Fear".
~ Do you subscribe to Robert Genn's Painter's Keys newsletter?
~ Channel your frustration into producing fresh, new art.
~ Look for new markets and display opps.
~ Re-acquaint yourself with the JOY of a child's wonder in art-making. (finger paint, play-dough, mud pies, etc.)
~ Read DJ's weird, experimental art blog to make yourself feel better about your own lovely, sensible art. (lol)
Go get 'em tiger!


I may be of no help to you but at least you're putting yourself and your art out there. Success will come be sure about it. Be positive and keep going. :)

Carrie Schmitt

Don't give up! I know it's difficult but you are in the company of many creative souls--artists, writers, etc--who faced many rejections and eventually became some of the most prolific and loved in their professions. I recently read this quote: "After the final NO there comes a YES and on that YES the future world depends." Hang in there!

Sonya McCllough

Thanks for shareN this ... I love the quote about the paint brush .... I'm never going to win the lotto ... How do I know ... cause I never play ... STAY N THE GAME!


i think we all feel a little of this- you are not ALONE! i love your hand with the paintbrush image. i think you just have to keep forging on and believe in what you do. but yes, a little courtesy is always nice- i've been feeling the same way in trying to find a job. i've sent out plenty of resumes and cover letters and not even an automated "thanks".

Lori Diane

Yes, they should have let you know-for sure. Just know there are so many of us out here who will pat you on the back and take your hand and tell you to keep going! You've got to...this is who you are! It's not easy being an artist and putting your heart and soul into your work. Keep on keepin on! Love your image too!


YES GIRL yes!!! I can see MORE work will come out of you because of this!!


Rude and inconsiderate people like this shouldn't be allowed to work in jobs that require any kind of interaction with people and leave these kind of jobs to someone who actually cares enough. Sorry to hear you've had this experience, I'm sure these guys won't matter in the end and that you'll continue making great art that others do appreciate.


Wow -- thank you so much for all the words of encouragement. I smiled as each one came in... xoxox tj


I hate hearing that and esp. about the lack of feedback or even common courtesy. I do think there is a lot of luck involved in getting your work recognized and so it doesn't mean that you lack talent (which you have loads of!), but it just needs to be seen by the right people at the right time. In the meantime, know that you are inspiring lots of your blog readers!


Hey, just keep creating and don't give up.

I love that hand holding a paint brush..Very inspiring to me..shows me that your not a quitter ;o)


I read somewhere that it's not always good for us to send art work to 'competitions' which essentially are judged by people, who to all intents and purposes, use their subjective judgements to let you know whether your work is 'good' enough or not, and letting others outside of us, tell us whether our work is good enough or not is quite damaging. Following our passion and creating art from our hearts, and sharing it with others isn't (damaging!). Maybe you could put money from the entry fee's (I take it you have to pay to enter?!) and hire a space or find a free space, and put on your own show- I've done this and it feels much better and then you get to see others who genuinely appreciate your work and what you do.

Chin up and good luck, carry on creating because you love it!:)


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