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July 10, 2010


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Hm, those pretzels look like they're being punished for something, like not being tasty enough or not good looking enough. I think you should have a quiet word with the owners and suggest a more attractive alternative.


Btw, I've copied you and also signed up for Sketchbook Project, I've chosen the "Things that changed other things" theme, I'm already furiously jotting ideas down and can't wait to get started :)


I think the solution is for them to hire you as a design consultant! The pretzel beneath their name kind of has the look of a carabiner instead of a pretzel and the realistic ones with all the netting and spikes don't really make you stop to think, "I've got to go eat one of those pretzels."


That large pointed metal spike coming out of the wall is enough to repel me and my tummy...!

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