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July 06, 2010


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Oh, no! I'm sorry you had to go though this. And I'm sorry I laughed with your description of the ordeal. I had no idea you get put under for a molar... seems like I was raised in dentist-hell and didn't know how hellish it really is. I hate it. Though I was put under for my wisdom-teeth. All in one... lucky me.

Heal well... books are on the way! xx


I hope you are done with wisdom teeth, now?! I agree with Skytimes - you are a very funny writer. Heal quickly!


Hugs Sweetie~


Oh, Honey, please take care of yourself! (I'm still trying to figure out how wisdom teeth grow upside down...)
And, your toes look great...just great...really...

1st. lady of kleinochsenfurt

Hallo du Tapfere! Du hast es geschafft!!! Und in dieser Situation auch noch den Foto zu zücken... typisch Tari! Also Süße, erhole dich gut von dieser Höllentour und melde dich, sobald es dir besser geht.


Yay i learned a new german word today from you "Oralchirurgie"! How exciting. So sorry to know you had to go for Oral Surgery! Visiting the dentist is one of my most fear! My wisdom teeths are still not done yet. :( I hope you take good care, rest alot and receover soon! Sending you lots of love!

Claire Sewell

I did giggle at the choice of song during your procedure - how apt! Sounds like a pretty horrible experience, I bet you're glad that it's over. Go you for being so brave.

Arabelle Mccuen

I don't know HOW anyone who underwent surgery can make it sound any easier for those who are just about to get one. But you can make it sound worse if you say it only gets more painful if you leave it be. One big OUCH now is better than a forever-lingering-OUCH.

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