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June 22, 2010


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Nothing like seeing bird crap splatter in person and fresh to boot!

Secondly, doesn't spray paint therapy just make one feel great? Woohoo!

Hang in there with your creative resume. You rock and don't you forget it!

Arty hugs.


Yeah, show these germans! Send them a thank-you card with the bird-poo on it (and call it art!). Happy crafting! xx


I like what Skytimes suggested! Sorry to hear this, tj. Do they give you any way to find out what the winning entry was? Sometimes when things are being judged subjectively, there are politics involved, too. It doesn't mean your art isn't great, but might mean that someone knows someone, etc.

Kelly Thiel

OMG - your post made me laugh! I'm sorry to about your resume, but you know it happens to all of us. We feel your pain! Hang in there and keep working those spray paints and I also like what Skytimes suggested...

Stupid bird... at least it wasn't on your head!


Oh, honey, I'm sure that bird was telling you exactly what to do to that so-called "art committee"!
You are beautiful, young, and talented, with SUPPORTERS & FANS AROUND THE WORLD.
"They" have nothing of this, so they don't deserve your beautiful creative juices, which everyone else absolutely LOVES & ADORES.
Find a space and have your own exhibit with other artists. I'll be some of your readers are willing to participate.
Who needs a committee????

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