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June 28, 2010


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I understand your feelings. Take steps carefully and be aware of who's "Friending" you. Get the facts from veteran Facebookers and be careful what you post.
You should be alright, as long as you don't spend too many hours there. I hear it is a definite "time-sucker" for some.

Kelly Thiel

I hear ya, girlfriend!


What they said above and more! I too felt like you and still have mixed feelings about putting myself out there.I have met nice people though and learned few things I didnt know. sometimes I guess, we have to go out on a limb to get the sweetest fruit.. Or words to that effect...ehehe

By the way, I gave you the thumbs up even thought you have reached your '25'.

Now to work on gettin my '25'.

Love your blog and your writing style!


I've been on facebook for couple of years now because, just like you, I've moved to another country and this was a really good way to keep in touch with everyone back home. Then I took Kelly's class too, read about Like pages and thought to myself that I just can't bring myself to have my own Like page, oh no, I couldn't do that, no way. And then I went in and did it anyway, oh dear! :) I'm off to like your page now since I really like your blog, with or without Like page :)

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