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June 30, 2010


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Years ago, American public spaces used to have restroom attendants, but I haven't encountered any lately.
I'm truly surprised that Germany still offers the career position.
It's interesting. What other social customs do you notice?


Hilarious... loved reading this. Chuckled at the first sign. Notice the raised finger - very german.

Toilet-wise, I pay after the use... and accordingly, as in tipping. If there's no TP and the place is a shitty mess, I'm not giving anything. Though that got me cursed out once from one of the attendants.


Oh my!! I loved reading this post and have to agree with you on the bathroom 'privacy issue' no matter which country I happen to be in and *have to go*

You are strong! :o)
See you on the flying lessons page ..so sad it's almost finished!

collette schildkraut

Very interesting... I'm from England now living in the States. I've never used a german public toilet. My experience is that germans can be quite stern, although much of that I'm sure, has to do with the sound of the language.
When I first moved to the USA and visited toilets in move theatres and resteraunts I was a little horrified at the gaps between the swing door, hinges and toilet walls. anyone could see through. Im sure no one had any intention of doing so, but still.

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