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April 30, 2010


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I love it! What does it mean if you get the stipend? Are there restrictions on how you use it? I will be sending good thoughts and wishes to you hoping you get it!

Mittens as hand shoes is so funny! I hope you aren't having to think about mittens and that spring has come!


Good luck to the power of infinity!


Oh, you're so creative!
Love the book idea as your resume'...Tell us more details when you can.
We're pullin for you!

Love & Laughter...

Julie Stenning

Good luck with the stipend TJ - when will you know?


I do hope so that you get it! Wishing you all the luck in the world!


This sounds just so wonderful for your "life run." I know I'm late to dinner here, but I hope all went well--even if Creality stepped in, it was still worth it.

P.S. When my son saw the box from Germany marked "Luftdichter Kasten" (air-tight box), he didn't understand German endings. So he said, "What's an air poet?" because Luft=air and Dichter=poet, but Luftdichter=the quality of being air tight. That's a joke that's only funny if you know both English and German.

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