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February 14, 2010


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Gorgeous! Happy Valentine's Day to you & yours.


Hi T.J-
I just received your postcard in the mail today! What a lovely surprise...and the pretzel prize was so clever! This will be hanging up on my inspiration board, and will be cherished! Thank you so much for your creative hand, it really brightened up my day.


Thank You TJ, your postcars are just so cool, with that little "extra", I had so much fun figuring it out. :-) XOXO to you!


I just got mine today too! It made it safely all the way to the USA (Virginia)! I want to thank you so very much! It's wonderful and I LOVED the creative addition of the pretzel tag! So very clever! I'm guessing this will be one of the most creative ones I receive! This was my first time doing something like this...and I really enjoyed it!
Thank you so very much!

Friday Eudaemonism

Stitching looks fabulous! :)


Great artwork - no wonder that you were so busy!


How lovely are your cards!
I'm glad I found you once again. Looking at them brings joy.
I was tempted by Hannas swap but resisted, trying to learn not to get involved into too much. To tell the truth, I regret this now and have to tell myself that I really didn't have the time for making cards.

You know what: I never ever in my life got a valentine....(so far)


These are amazing! I love that you made them an activity as well as art. :-) So creative.


Your cards look beautiful and the "pull out prize" is such a fun idea!

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