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February 24, 2010


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Is there a size limit? Can it be mixed media as long as you can punch the holes through the top? Sounds fun!


No size limit... thanks for the comment, I've updated the post with a little more detailed info!!


Oh, this sounds like fun...I would like to contribute, please.
I guess you have no way of knowing how long it takes mail to reach you from the US? Just wondering, no problem.
I need to scratch an itch to do mixed media, and this event will do nicely.
All those post cards arriving at your abode sounds yummy ~

Leslie Kallen

Can it be a digital photo of a previous mixed media art piece?


hello TJ...... did you get my post card and if you did , did you like it and I am sorry I didnt put a coating on the front I hope it made it there...and it was OK....


PS: Kiss that little one for granny......


Do you care if i post this on my FB wall? I know lots of people who would love it!



Thanks everybody for sharing the project with your contacts... there are really no rules except the postcard needs to be handmade (not store bought) and needs to go through the mail. I think postcards from the US to Europe cost 95 cents now and take at least a week to reach me. Happy creations... xoxo tj


Hi TJ,
I sent you 6 post cards from Glen Ellyn, IL - USA
last Tuesday morning. A small group from my round robin did the postcards. I was wondering if you received them? Will you be posting pictures of your installation?
I got your info and project details from
Jv Roosmalen on the Altered books yahoo group.
Hope all is well.
Hope your project is a successful one.

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