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January 15, 2010


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This is gorgeous! I am so proud of you. Many congrats!


I love the 'Tears and rain became the same'. Unfortunately, I think many people can relate to that. And London is great, but in the end, it's just another city, it's not Heaven on earth... ;)


I can imagine that living somewhere else and longing for London is easier than living in the city itself.
London is a great city and the shops are more than wonderful and don't forget these great museums. But living there? For three weeks maybe? With a filled wallet? Only then!



Thanks for the great comments gals. I've gotten a few groans over the "Tears and Rain" deal... I suppose it is corny even though it's true! And although I love the city I like to think of the finances needed to live there just like firewood when camping: double the amount you THINK you'll need and then grab a few more armfulls. Then you MIGHT have enough...!!! LOL


TJ, hithere I hopeyou are Ok I love lovyour bloga and your art is wonderful as it always is my dear friend if you need to chat just let me know ok take care and god bless you and yours too .....


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