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January 21, 2010


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Sue Haise

N: nuanced, adj. Possessing or exhibiting delicate gradations in tone, expression, meaning, etc.
N: nubile, adj. Chiefly of a girl or young woman, or a personal attribute: sexually attractive.

Q:quicken, v. 1a to make alive; revive 1b to cause to be enlivened; stimulate 2 archaic - to cause to burn more intensely

I'll have to give some thought to the others. Be back! How is the London show going? Any news? Big bisous - Sue


Love the art photo du jour. Faboo!

N: novity innovation; newness

Y: yearn [jɜːn]
vb (intr)
1. (usually foll by for or after or an infinitive) to have an intense desire or longing (for); pine (for)
2. to feel tenderness or affection


Let's give it a try:
A: art maker; attitude LOL
N: new (refreshing)
Q: quality; quaintness (had to look this up in a dictionary:D)
R: ruthful; revive
Y: yearning ; or better still: yourself

And you'd better look into that 'angry' idea... Kind of spooky that it turns up in your artwork :D


Notorious ? hehe, I don't know, maybe you are?
Questions - for being qurious
and Y, is a hard letter, maybe Yule? if you like christmas. Young

Love this idea, I want one abc-project too!

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