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October 03, 2009


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A lighthearted and very fun read -- and what a wonderful space you have for creativity! Come visit me in my virtual studio tour and we'll have a virtual cup of tea!

Mary Anne

I love your post AND your studio! Including the dead fly was a wonderful touch...lol. Good thing you weren't arrested peeping into your own window! Thanks for the fun tour.
Mary Anne


Your studio wins for my favorite so far! And I added your blog to my RSS feed! I think I share your pretzel obsession . . . love them! Actually, we loved all of the bakery stuff in Germany when we were there.

Lidy Schouw

This is much too tidy to be a studio!! Love your great big storage unit (I am jealous). Thanks for sharing it with us.


What a beautiful space!!! Your cabinets and shelves are very lovely!


What a wonderful introduction to your studio tour! You have a gift in narrative. I enjoyed your photos as well. Thanks for sharing your studio with us!


Your studio is wonderful! I love all that storage. Thanks for sharing!


Great Studio to have fun! Enjoy! Smiles from Germany as well, Anke ;)

1st. lady of kleinochsenfurt

Ich wünsche dir ganz viele neue Besucher, die deinen Blog genauso gerne lesen wie ich. Du schreibst so witzig (soweit ich immer alles verstehe) und deine genähten ATC´s, Karten... finde ich einfach wunderbar! Danke! Liebe Grüße und ganz viel gute Laune. Bis bald, see you soon! Silke


I love your space, even if it is a lie. I love the gnomes. I have been wanting to collect the small ones myself. It seems as though everything has its place and tht works for me. Now I need to follow your links.

Magpie Sue

Wow, I LOVE your 3meter90 wall of storage goodness! And I'm definitely adding you to my favorites list... :- )

Sue H

Your studio is a work of art, but no surprise there. Big bisous. Sue


thanks for your visit, by the way it's great your studio, i like it a lot!


Well, that is the Studio in all it's glory! Love that space...! Impressive! And I am jealous of the fact that you have a tap in your workspace!
Seems that you also have the same Ikea wooden drawers like me, they are so handy for storing loads of different little stuff.
What a wonderful place, space, studio to work in! :-)

Philipp H.


It`s a very nice studio you have there!

I have to admit that I haven`t read your Blog for a while :-/

"Come on in." I definitly will ;)

Looking forward to see you soon,

Cheers, Philipp.


Love It!

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