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October 01, 2009


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LOL! Well, who does make gravy from scratch these days anyway?
And this comes from a vegetarian! :-)



Oohh, Oktoberfest! Eventhough I've lived in Holland for most of my life I've never been. Maybe one day... Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.


I went to a party last weekend and my friend had ordered caterers (don't Germans take their 30th birthdays seriously?!) with delicious German meats and dumplings and two huge pots of gravy. We were lucky enough to take a load home with us which we were going to freeze and use... unfortunately my dearly beloved put it on the car boot, and the car was parked on a slope, so when he closed the car door it slid off and made a huge puddle of gravy. So now, I guess, we'll be relying on Knorr. Love the pics of the studio!


I found this site through the studio tours. How fun to see German stuff again. I lived there for three years and miss the pretzels very much. And the Knorr schnitzel mix was the best!!! Love to see your photos. You are now bookmarked. Thanks for the memories-----


Oooh I'm so happy to give you a trip down memory lane! I am getting more and more addicted to these Knorr and Maggie products... the Germans can really do a spice packet!

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