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July 30, 2009


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"Put something silly in the world"

You certainly managed that! :-)



Wonderful pages! Love Silverstein. Arty hugs!


Really awesome pages TJ and after reading your blog on your experiences in working in the journal, I feel highly honoured having your art work in my book. I am so, so excited knowing my book will soon be on its last leg of the journey.

(proud owner of this journal)

Shanta Devi

Absolute awesomeness! Thank you - this was what I needed to read right now - the joy, playfulness (and tenderness) of Silverstein has always inspired me (i.e., Where The Sidewalk Ends, etc.) - a beautiful reminder of the fun and love of creative things and imagination - Thanks!

Looking back at the poem, and reading "silly," - I was reminded of how my definition of "silly" in art and creativity had been redefined as meaning insignificant and stupid - where I am now re-redefining it as...whimsical, playful - necessary...so kudos! :)

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