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March 19, 2009


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....Garden pot markers...?
My goodness, did not know that we have special markers for those pots :-D !

The printplate looks so great! How do you make the markings in it? And can you re use the plate weeks later as well?
Just curious - as usual!



I used a blue ball-point pen to push down the styrofoam where I didn't want the plate to print. You can keep them forever and use again and again but you have to take a bit of care with storage because they can break and if you get a scratch or indentation in your design it obviously affects the print result. xoxo tj



I am not familiar with garden pot markers. What are they? Oil based? Permanent markers? Pray tell....

Styro will never be the same again. Recycle those bits & pieces. What an eye opener! Thanks for sharing.

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