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March 30, 2009


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You rock!

Kelli is going to love this.


Oh, this is definitly going to cheer her up and give her extra strength to get through this.


Mary Redford

OH MY HONEY keLLI. WILL LOVE WHAT YOU GOT GOING HOW IS MY BOY DOING NOW ..I KNOW HE MUST BE GETING REALLY BIG THERE , so when is the next one on the way honey your still real young..> hey we bough a house in our home state (Indiana)and we are about ready to close any day...now about kelli what can i make to either send to you and send right to her I hate to hear that she is going to chemo again..give her my love and prays..please kiss that little one and I miss you some thingt awlful/...Mary R.

Kelli Schwert

I am sitting here looking at the best smurf museum in the whole world!! I'm going to share it with people I run into at the cancer center next week. I am so lucky to have such talented and smurfalicious friends. It makes me :) all over when I see it. And Gargamel.... yeah, maybe he IS working on something for the greater good. In secret. He better hurry up 'cause I'm sick of this whole chemo thing. Love you!!!! Kelli

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