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December 06, 2008


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I saw 'Pretael Sighting #8' and I thought BINGO!

I love your pretzel sighting posts.

Great score on the spring loaded cutter. My vote: clay.

I see the price tage there. What does that translate to in US dollars?

Mele Kalikimaka.


You just keep cracking me up Linda! 4.95 euro translates to $6.25 today. My neighbor has already borrowed it, so it's already earned it's keep!! xoxoxo tj


That's more than reasonable for a spring load. Great to share with the neighbors. XOXOXOXO LD


Hiya Tari

seems like life is treating you well and being a mum is certainly becoming. Like your home page but seem like you got to get out a bit more. Lavender in the bathtub and selling like Frenchwomen leaves a lot for the imagination - not all positive. Trust you have not become a 'Gruene' Schlampe mit Birkenstock. Just the thought!


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