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November 27, 2008


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Wow TJ, thank you! First; "stuffing" is Füllung or Füllmaterial and you can find it any fabric or craft shop I think! I found the german word here:

I think your ball looks great, seeing them makes me think I should do some more. or maybe plan a bigger paper piecing project?

Anyway, thanks for your kind post and e-mail. I will come crafternoon with you if I ever get to Germany, but only if you come here when you're visiting Sweden! :-)

Take care!


Du brauchst Füllwatte, die du in jedem Bastelgeschäft kriegst. Zur Not geht auch ganz normale Watte.
Ich habe in den letzten 20 Jahren schon x solcher Bälle genäht - für alle Babys in meinem Bekanntenkreis - und ein Glöckchen hinein gelegt.
Macht mir und dem Baby Spaß :-)

Fröhliches Nähen!


Hanna, Tally - Danke fur die Tipps!! And thank you also for the wonderful comments and visiting. (I have to learn how to reply to comments - I am uncertain if you receive my thanks unless you revisit my blog! I have so much to learn). In any case thank you for the kindness and support!! xoxoxo tj

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