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August 21, 2008


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TJ -

This is my very, most favorite, bestest, ono da kine posting of all...

Thank you so much for sharing Kelli's interview with us.


joanne K

you are such an inspiration in so many ways!! Keep smiling so others will too!
joanne :)


What a great way to use Kelli's beads and to introduce her to many people. She is a treasure!! upwiththesun dawn


What a grat interview! Loved the cat hair bead! I could make tons of those.

Kelli Schwert

The interview turned out wonderful, TJ!! Thanks for putting it together! I feel like I have actuakky "arrived" in the mail art community. xo Kelli


I am a big Kelli fan having spent many a day/night on the water with her through kayaking... not to mention Writing Group #1. You captured her personality perfectly! (Keep the faith, Kelfish!) xoHolly

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